I didn't admit to myself i was a "late-bloomer" till college. I always just thought I was a little slow but tbh I realized the vast majority are just so obsessed with growing up too fast, well once you're actually grown all you wanna do is go back a couple years. I think a lot ok? so I've learned to go at my own fucking pace and do me and be fucking happy about it. I've cut off a lot of old friends for many reasons but mostly because everyone was super concerned about what others think and just won't be themselves. being a late-bloomer I realized it's ok to not understand a lot of what's considered "common knowledge" if anything it's more like embodying stereotypes and fitting the system, and I am not here for it. maybe i won't be successful at 25 but thats OK. The faster you succeed the more you're missing out in life and the sooner you'll fail; the most successful people/businesses don't happen overnight, take your time, allow yourself to fail. work hard AND play hard. letting my "late bloomerness" flourish allows me to really get to know myself, what I want, who I am, and learn from my mistakes, embrace it. classic turtle vs hare scenario, slow and steady wins the race.