Valentine's Day
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As I said last week I would tell you guys more about my Valentine's day, so here it is. After publishing the Emotional Wednesday article I went home and didn't think much of the day. I soon had to leave to go to my dance class so I believed that my day was over, that nothing else exciting could happen. I was wrong. He showed up at my house and we just hung out for a while before he suggested we go get food, and obviously, the best place to get food is Chick-fil-A. Just sitting in the car and talking to him was the highlight of my week.
To Know You're in Love
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Love is such a scary concept. To say that you love someone is to devote your life to them, it is a commitment for the long term. You can't just say that you love someone, romantically, if you don't really feel it.Love is different for everyone so there is no cookie-cutter way to tell if you are in love with someone. For me love is when someone is constantly on your mind, it is when they touch you the feeling of them lingers, wanting to be with them at all times, being able to confide in them, planning to run away together to escape the harsh pressures of the world. That is what love is for me. I think I feel that now. To just call him up and say "Let's run away to France together." then he says "Sure," without a second thought. I think that is love.
The Parents
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I've told my parents about the whole thing. Well, I guess not the whole thing because they don't really need to know about every single little detail. They have taken it a whole lot better than I thought they would which is a very big plus in my book. They have even invited him to see a movie with us this coming weekend. I hope that they continue to be understanding and supportive during this new chapter in my life.
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I know this Emotional Tuesday has been more centered on the newly acquired boyfriend, but recently he has been the only thing on my mind. I don't plan on that being my only talking point in the future. I do plan on talking about more serious topics such as mental health and friend/family drama but for now, I just want to be sending super positive vibes. As always if you want to message me for any reason I am always available! Also, I am aware that this is a lot more reading than the past two articles I've written, but I enjoy writing so they might just keep getting longer after this.

xoxo hails