food, strawberry, and fruit image Image by Intricate Syndacate

make strawberry popsicles

piercing image ear, girl, and piercing image

get a new piercing

glossy, aesthetic, and sky image lips, makeup, and beauty image

use mascara, lipgloss, and moisturizer

skincare, baddie, and glowy skin image beauty, skin, and skincare image beauty, classy, and rose gold image girl, eyes, and beauty image

get clear and glowy skin

Inspiring Image on We Heart It nike, fitness, and sport image

go to the gym or run/jog outside

bag, white, and fashion image pink, bag, and Michael Kors image

buy a new purse

maia mitchell, concert, and party image Image by jemmascott8

go to a concert

nails, pink, and Nude image nails, white, and rings image

get my nails done

rose, bath, and flowers image netflix, bath, and wine image bath, rose, and luxury image summer and bathbombs image

take a warm and relaxing bath

cosmos, jewellery, and stargaze image bracelet, accessories, and gold image accessories, fashion, and jewelry image accesories, beauty, and gold image

buy cute small jewelry

healthy, fruit, and food image breakfast, food, and fruit image

eat healthy

girl, fashion, and bed image study, office, and room image

redecorate my room

burnette, freckles, and girl image fashion, girl, and blonde image

get a haircut

map, photo, and photography image travel, coffee, and map image

visit a new state

friends, girl, and friendship image travel, fashion, and passport image Image by ɾαզմεʆ εςɕσɓεδσ travel, sky, and airplane image

ride my first plane

Image by ❥Imelda Ramírez Gómez girl, fitness, and nike image

join track

beauty, blonde, and loiras image aesthetic, bikini, and goals image

buy cute bikini's

bear, beauty, and teddy bear image adorable, bear, and boyfriend image


travel, car, and view image girl, summer, and friends image

drive with the windows down, blasting music

book, desk, and hard image book, college, and desk image

have good grades & do NOT procrastinate!!

Image by ℳᎯℐᎯ fashion, style, and outfit image

eat icecream

fashion, black, and bra image girl, body, and fitness image

buy cute lingerie

girl, food, and inka williams image cap, fashion, and girl image

try a new food place

платье, красиво, and стильно image bella hadid, gigi hadid, and model image

go to prom

dog, animal, and puppy image Image by j'eѕpere le revoιr lα-вα dαɴѕ l'αυ-delα

play with puppies

childhood, dreamy, and enjoy image fair image

go to a state fair