food blue

make strawberry popsicles

girl ear

get a new piercing

aesthetic beauty

use mascara, lipgloss, and moisturizer

article Superthumb Superthumb beauty

get clear and glowy skin

fitness black

go to the gym or run/jog outside

bag bag

buy a new purse

concert adventure

go to a concert

nails nails

get my nails done

bath article bath Superthumb

take a warm and relaxing bath

accessories accessories Superthumb accessories

buy cute small jewelry

drink breakfast

eat healthy

bed inspiration

redecorate my room

Superthumb beauty

get a haircut

hipster adventure

visit a new state

airplane fashion airplane aesthetic

ride my first plane

fit body

join track

bikini aesthetic

buy cute bikini's

Superthumb Superthumb


car car

drive with the windows down, blasting music

book book

have good grades & do NOT procrastinate!!

boy beauty

eat icecream

black abs

buy cute lingerie

food cool

try a new food place

fashion dress

go to prom

animal Superthumb

play with puppies

Superthumb fun

go to a state fair