ok so you’re trying to go to sleep. below i’ve listed some ways to finally get yourself to sleep

1 | turn on night shift

on your device that you’re currently reading this on, there should be some sort of “night shift” display setting. what this does is increase the warm tones in the screen and it gets rid of blue light. blue light is the normal display setting and it tricks your brain into thinking it’s sunlight. of course if your brain is thinking it’s DAYTIME it won’t be ready to sleep like it should be.

2 | take a shower & wash your face

it’ll make you feel clean and help you to relax

3 | make your bed

again, this will make you feel clean and just better in general.

4 | turn off all your lights

trust me it’ll just make the sleeping process easier

5 | drink some water

especially if you can’t sleep because you feel hungry, drink some water. refresh yourself. you might actually be thirsty, not hungry.

6 | turn on some relaxing music

no lyrics. don’t turn on any songs you know either. if you don’t know the song you won’t be anticipating a certain part, letting your brain drift off to sleep instead of thinking about the music- which would defeat the purpose of the music.

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