1- I love reading
2- I know how to speak spanish & a little bit of greek (tbh i want to learn more greek)
3-I do not know how to play an instrument
4- One day i wanna be able to know how to play drums
5- I wish i could live in the 70s,80s & 90s
6-Rock & roll forever
8-Lmao i wish i was a groupie
9- I love vintage (clothes, music, etc)
10- I never had a boyfriend:(
11- I am gonna be famous one day
12- I like metal lmao
13- I love food
14- I love making new friends
15-Do you wanna be my friend?
16-I love boys taller than me
17- I love boys with tattoos
18-I love indie & alternative music
19-I have a crush on matty healy, manu rios. zayn, harry, jesse rutherford. zac efron,and more omg its hard
20- my woman crush is dua lipa
21- i wanna harley davidson
22- i wish my love story was a cliche ( like tha bad boy & good girl)
23- One day i am gonna publish a book (working on it)
24- i like fitness
25- my goal is to be fit & having a nice body
26- follow me on insta: gb_ll & ill follow u back
27- thanks for reading this love u