1: Skam

skam, william, and noora image parallel, skam, and parallels image
This show is in Norwegian but there is a website out there that has the episodes with English subtitles.

2: Teen Wolf

teen wolf, scott mccall, and allison image teen wolf, stiles, and stiles stilinski image
Teen Wolf will teach so much. The show will make you cry, laugh, angry, any emotion out there but it is so amazing to watch.

3: Eyewitness

eyewitness image gif, eyewitness, and tyler young image
Yall, Eyewitness is life you guys need to see it. It's about two guys that are having a moment in one of the guys' cabin when they go into hiding because people arrive and witness a triple homicide and now the killer is after them trying to kill them.

4: The 100

gif, the 100, and bellarke image
I cannot say how much I love this show. I never really find shows of like outer space entertaining but this is just wow.

5: Friends.

friends, chandler, and hilarious image friends, Joey, and chandler image
First of all, if you haven't already watched Friends, I'm worried for you. This show is so funny and will bring your mood up.


quotes, series, and atypical image paige, Sam, and autistic image
This series is sad but funny too because it just mixes your emotions and 10/10 rating.

7: One day at a time

one day at a time, odaat, and elena alvarez image one day at a time and elena alvarez image
One day at a time is SUPER funny and just happy. There are episodes that will make you cry but the majority is laughing so if you like to laugh I suggest this show.

8: End Of The Fxxxing World

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This is like creepy but exciting at the same time so yes yes I suggest.

That is the end of this Artcile hope you watch some of these shows anyways Have a nice night/day/morning/afternoon!