hey guys! ❤ i just want to take some time to tell y'all how thankful and happy i am because of how good my last article did! not only did it make the articles channel, but it got way more hearts and reactions than i expected it to get. so, thank you! it motivated me to post another article on the same day! who knows! maybe more?

this article will be translated in spanish. (:


so, just letting you guys know, i'm kind of branching off from my last article here. in the "Q" part of my ABC tag, i stated that a question i get a lot from people is "how is your skin so clear?" well, there's not much too it, really! if you haven't read my last article, the link will be at the end of this one.


let me just tell you guys, i've never had acne. NEVER. yeah, a few tiny pimples here and there but, nothing severe. here's how (or how i think) i achieved this!


i can't stress this enough guys! HYDRATION IS KEY!! drink lots of water daily, detox water is awesome as well. it will help your skin avoid toxins and make it healthier!

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yes! don't worry, i was very lazy to do this at first. thank to my mother's nagging, when i was about 14, i started to wash my face every morning and every night. IT DEFINITELY HELPS!! doesn't matter what cleanser, i prefer clean & clear or neutrogena. and the benefit is, of course, that it cleans your face and unclogs your pores.


this is a helpful tool as well! here's a little tip: don't use the scrubs or masks daily, try once or twice a week. there are many types of masks, like hydrating masks, moisturizing masks, acne masks, etc. i personally think st. ives is a good brand. home-made face masks are awesome, too!

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no, i don't mean go on a diet. see, i was told by both my doctor and my mother (who i guess now you know has had a strong impact on the situation, lol) that because i don't eat chocolate, cheese or mayo, my skin is clear. DISCLAIMER: I DON'T KNOW IF THIS IS TRUE! call me crazy, but i've never really been a fan of chocolate. i like white chocolate more though! and cheese and mayo have been a big no for me since i was little. and no, i'm actually not lactose intolerant! i just don't like them... except for cheese on pizza and pupusas and mayo in my tuna. yes, i like tuna. but, like, eat healthy. it's helpful!


moisturize, please! find a cream that's best for your skin. it hydrates it and makes it silky smooth!


oils are great! i prefer almond oil. apply it on your face before bed and sleep with it, careful not to wipe it off (it's difficult, but not impossible!). the next morning, wash it off, moisturize, and you'll have smooth, glowing skin.


MAKEUP CLOGS YOUR PORES! i'm not saying never wear makeup, but every once in a while, just go natural. girl, you are beautiful! why cover up your acne if you can get rid of it for good? AGAIN, I'M NOT SAYING DON'T EVER WEAR MAKEUP. i get that it makes us feel pretty and confident! but please, let your skin breathe, babes!


now, two benefits result from this. one, no scars. two, lower risk of more appearing. i learned this, again from my mother, from the few pimples i've had. it's effective!

now, i'm not saying my skin is perfect, and has always been. i get pimples usually at the top of my forehead, which signals that my monthly gift is near. chocolate also gives me acne, as mentioned earlier.


with my skin. i hope this isn't the case with any of you, if it isn't then these tips will only make your skin better. but, as you know, i have done all of these things, and my skin is clear. but for years now, my skin has been dry. SO DRY. i've tried different moisturizers, cleansers, masks, everything. i can't seem to find anything that will make my skin smoother. the moisturizer i'm currently using and the almond oil does help though, i just feel like throughout the day, the moisture fades.

so if any of you know of anything, a home remedy or a moisturizer or anything listed above that will fix my dry ass skin, please let me know! my messages are open. i appreciate it!

that's all, folks!

i hope my tips help you guys! if you have any questions, feel free to ask me! i'm not a dermatologist or anything but i should be able to help. thank you guys for reading! love you mucho!

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