Hey guys, today I'm doing an article on me!!! everything from my style to my goals.


fashion, outfit, and style image adidas, outfits, and tumblr image aesthetic, clothes, and outfit image beauty, woman, and fashion image
casual tee, shorts, leggings, sweatshirt, vintage rap tee, dress


Image removed Image by Flor Garcia arabic, life, and morning image rose, flowers, and red image
purple, pink, black, red


meme, reaction, and heart image actress, famous, and funny image header, feminist, and yellow image best friends, kim kardashian, and makeup image
loving, funny, feminist, friendly


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singing, reading, drawing, cooking


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nicki minaj, ariana grande, drake, kehlani


10 things i hate about you, movie, and quotes image Image removed lily collins, love rosie, and movie image 00s, bring it on, and clovers image
10 things I hate about you, 13 going on 30, love rosie, bring it on


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milk and honey, the fault in our stars, paper towns, the great gatsby


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keeping up with the kardashians, grown.ish, pretty little liars, empire


Mature image girl, summer, and jeep image concert, guitar, and music image brown eyes, brunette, and lip liner image
dream body, dream car, go to concerts, clear skin


food, tacos, and food porn image Image by springkg fitness, food, and meal image yummy image
tacos, chocolate, avocado on toast, pizza