Hello! Today I was scrolling through some of the recent WHI articles and found The ABC Tag by @whitejustwhite. I thought it would be fun if I did it, so here I am now. The article by @whitejustwhite is linked below. Make sure you follow too.

Let get started! Hope you enjoy! Sorry, but I think it’s going to be an only reading article(no pics).😢

A - Age
I’m 15 years old.

B - Best Movie
The Greatest Showman

C - Current Time
It’s 6:53 pm
D - Drink You Last Had
Probably water.

E - Everyday Starts With
Eating breakfast! Go to my last-ish article and check it out:

F - Favorite Song
Rewrite the Stars

G - Guess What
You should follow me!

H - Height
About 5’ 01”

I - In Love With

J - Jealous
Yes, sometimes.

K - Killed Someone
In my head.

L - Last Time I Cried
A few days ago from laughter.

M - Middle Name

N - Number Of Siblings
3, one younger sister, one younger brother, one older sister.

O - One Wish
Go to Austria.

P - Person You Last Texted/Called
Nadia - Texted
My Dad - Called

Q - Question You Always Ask
Wait.... What?

R - Reason To Smile
Funny joke, no idea, friends, family.

S - Song You Last Sang
Take Me On.

T - Time You Woke Up
5:50 I think.

U - U Should
Totally follow me!

V - Vacation Place
Last summer in Taiwan

W - Worst Habit
Biting my nails

X - X-ray You’ve Had
In my teeth.

Y - Your Favorite Color

Z - Zip your mouth and follow me!😋

That’s all I have for you today! Thanks for reading!

If you haven’t yet, fix it😋

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Amanda Webster
Amanda Webster
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