hey you ,

IMissYou~~is the first thing I want it to say my Sweeeety warm soulmate ❤❤❤.It's been a while since i saw your smile 😫we get away from each other even we are so near... I 'm so sorry ▪◾◼

..before you came i didn't believe in best friend tho i had many friends but they come and go , the hole shit is fake anyway ,by the time i change my mind and i gave all of me to u cause you are a real,warm,shining spirit the person who never judged the bad side of me.. you are my special friend 🍁W🍁.

Distance couldn't get u out my head , I wonder how was your day? how many cups of tea did you drunk last night?did u still arguing with your dad?!!Listen i will kill u if u get a new crush ok.!

I know u r sad & alone and mad at me enough to squeese me with a hug isn't it !!.Despite suffring from depression and Agoraphobia i get lost to keep u safe out of troubles so as pain...
Till i fix my soul ..I promise to collect the lost pieces with a braveness in purpose of reunited again...