Heyooo I saw this challenge done by a couple of other people but I forgot who so creds to them lmao I don't really know how to explain this but for each letter of your name you pick a colour that starts with that letter and four images in that colour so yeah let's get started x

As you can probably tell by my username my name is Abbey so yeah lets go.

A - apricot

beach, sunset, and ocean image
flowers, aesthetic, and peach image
love, love rosie, and boy image
lips and shadow image

B - black

love, couple, and kiss image
wendy and red velvet image
ariana grande image
rihanna, riri, and black and white image

B - blue

fun, happiness, and joy image
aesthetic, b&w, and kicks image
blue, lightskin, and clouds image
blue, words, and happiness image

E - emerald green

fashion, green, and style image
green, poison ivy, and aesthetic image
aesthetic, vogue, and dark image
girl, tropical, and nature image

Y - yellow

yellow, aesthetic, and converse image
yellow, aesthetic, and tumblr image
yellow, boy, and aesthetic image
yellow, aesthetic, and tumblr image

That's all have a great day lad <3
-Abbey x