They said when someone become your significant other, they began to be your sun.

The reason behind you wake up every morning, the one who makes you ready to face your day, the person who would brighten up your life, just like the sun is.

Its what they always say.

The problem is, you are not my sun. Yes, you are special but no, you are not important. But it makes you one level higher than the other.

In other words, i pegged you as my moon.

Shining when the sky is dark, lightening up when everything is black.

Yet just like the moon, you have phases. One day you would smile from ear to ear and out of nowhere, you would look like you have dark clouds on your face.

But despite all the flaws that the moon has, i still adore it. I still wait for the night to come. I still love to watch the sunset, knowing the moon would finally appear and make everything seems right again.

Just like i to you.

And that makes me stupid.