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Okay, before starting today's article, I want to thank you guys for all your support with the first article I posted!! hugs I really didn't expect it to have so much hearts in such a short time, and I'm so happy you guys enjoyed it!!

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Now, going back to this article's subject, it's pretty simple: physical beauty is dumb!

This weekend I went through an overwhelmingly horrifying wardrobe experience that, basically, destroyed ALL of my clothes... No kidding there...

I won't get into details about it, but I want to share an epiphany that I had today while I was wearing some outfit I crafted myself with old and borrowed clothes in college...

See, I decided to try some "kinda sexy" clothing to impress a boy that I like and, well, it didn't went the way I expected... I mean, let me give you a detailed explanation of my physical description (no filter in here):

I have dark, curly hair that reaches just a bit past my shoulders, and that never, ever, EVER, stays the way I want it to stay! I have a rather light, medium skin and currently I'm not getting enough sun so I'm a bit pale these days. I currently suffer from acne and oily skin and I'm getting treatment for that now but my face is covered with scars and scratches. I have big, dark brown-colored, round eyes that are so insanely dark that people often mistakes them for black. I have thick eyebrows; full, pinkish-red lips, an average nose and high cheekbones. I have rather chubby cheeks, kinda childish features and a beauty mark in my right cheekbone, next to my eye. I also have braces. And now to my body figure, I'm rather tall, I reach 1,77 cm and everybody always says I'm hot and that I have a model-type body but, I admit it, I could lose a couple of pounds...

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That said, let me tell you, I looked ridiculous with that outfit!!

Since my hair never stays the way I want it to be, most of the times it gets messy with the wind and puffes until it reaches the "afro-level", it is also kinda dry and frizzy. And with the subject about my facial scars and skin, I'll let you know that I never wear make up to go out. Not even a little. So there's nothing to cover any facial imperfections I may have. I have dark circles around my eyes and light wrinkles due to stress and I never cover them up... It's not that I don't want to, it's just that I don't have money to afford make up, or any beauty treatments... Which takes to my next point...

I live in Venezuela, and probably you guys are not aware of it, but we are currently living a huge dictatorship that has destroyed us economically, so we don't have money to afford even food, less than that any dermatologic or beauty treatment... So now, I'm always looking at myself in the mirror to make sure my hair is okay or my skin is not getting to oily and, of course, I'm always disappointed. I was looking at myself in the mirror all day long, and let me tell you, it was exhausting!! And of course, I looked awful each time I looked again!

But then, I said: Who the heck cares?! And just quit looking at myself in the stupid mirror! Because, seriously, who cares if your hair is not perfect, or your skin is not perfect, or you are a couple of pounds past "slender"?! As long as you are you, as long as nobody has your facial or body features, you'll be gorgeous!!

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The world is full of beautiful faces that are covered of scratches and full of beautiful bodies that are not a size 6! Everybody is beautiful in its own, unique, imperfect way. I have plenty of friends that suffer from acne, and nobody has bigger or brighter smiles than the ones they have!

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Once, I saw a girl in the bus that suffered from obesity and had deformed nose and lips, and I know dozens of girls that would KILL to have her beautiful, flawless skin!

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As long as you are you, you have something that nobody else has, and that makes you beautiful. No matter how much others might try, they can't be like you and that makes you beautiful. And when you realize that, believe me, all the stress of getting the "perfect hair" or "flawless skin" will go away! If you like your hair, style it the way you like. If you like your face, go out without make up! If you feel good and free while doing so, if you feel like yourself, then there won't be any supermodel or beauty queen that can compete with you!

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I'm not saying you shouldn't try any facial or hair treatments whenever you want to!

If you think it might be good for you, then try it out! If you like putting make up every time you go out, then do it! Nobody is stopping you, and wanting to put some make up on or try out some facials doesn't means you don't like yourself or your physical appereance. It means you enjoy it. You're doing something that makes you happy so that makes you beautiful too.

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But keep in mind that, you're not beautiful for your hair, your skin, your body, or how well do you apply your make up, you're beautiful just for been who you are! For having your unique eyes, your lips and your nose, no matter how imperfect they might be.

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You're beautiful for having your own, unique body. No matter if people call it "slender" or not.

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You're beautiful for having your moles, your freckles and your birthmarks.

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You're beautiful for... for being you! Your sole existence, makes you beautiful!

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I wrote this article because I wanted all the girls to read it that they are beautiful just... just for been them... And, as my personal mantra says, "you're a lot prettier when you're yourself"...

I guess that's all for now, guys! Is always my pleasure to write for you! ;-*

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