And it happens, you've gone through potholes and bad moments, situations where you asked yourself over and over and over again: Why the universe had decided to be so cruel to you? Why the universe had decided to do that to you?, you are inside a hurricane looking for a way out of it, you cry for help, the help of some gentle man who is passing by, but nobody stops, because we all fear the hurricanes, it is human nature, you cry and cry saying it is the end of the world, and perhaps it is, maybe it's the end of YOUR world, or it's just another bad day of many you'll have in the future, I can not save you from that dear reader, but you'll thank those bad moments, and no I'm not being sarcastic, you'll do it, cause those bad moments will help you. ..

And how will they do it?

It is a question that you may answer by yourself because it will be very subject to your own and only way, the path that will take you to the lowest as to the greatest situations.

And then, after crying, and screaming, you'll get tired, you'll be exhausted of fighting so much against the hurricane, and when you finally stop fighting to get out of it, then and only then you will understand that the hurricane was not killing you, it was dragging you inside, and the loneliness and peace you will feel there, that friend of mine is what everybody ever wants to feel.

The hurricane is not your enemy nor is it your friend, it is just one of many bus stops, and once you have crossed it, you will sit quietly to watch the sunset, wishing that this stillness will last for a long time, and at the end when the sun goes down, you will not see the darkness of the night, now your eyes will be able to see the stars, those that you forgot to look at cause you just wanted to see the darkness, you will smile and you will laugh, and you will thank for the good and the bad, because we live waiting for moments like this, moments when your chest is so full that you just want to smile and thank the universe for letting you go so far, thank you for putting each piece in its place, friends and enemies, relatives and strangers, to all who allowed you to reach that moment, and now, now you will just wait patiently for another hurricane or for another stop maybe more interesting or perhaps who knows, more painful than that one you just got out.