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♥ Tea or coffee

beautiful, coffee, and girl image break, gucci, and pretty image

♥ Japanese or Italian food

sushi, food, and aesthetic image food, lasagna, and cheese image
Both but I prefer Japanese

♥ Burger or Pizza

Image removed pizza, food, and yummy image

♥ Vanila or Chocolate

food, ice cream, and yummy image food, ice cream, and minimal image

♥ Mayo or Ketchup

belgian, mayonnaise, and belgium image Image removed

♥ Fruits or Vegetables

fruit, food, and healthy image food, healthy, and fitness image

♥ B&W or Colors

city, photography, and black image city, sky, and new york image
Black and white

♥ Day or Night

paris, france, and city image paris, city, and france image

♥ Sunrise or Sunset

nature, oregon, and outdoors image like, live, and sea image

♥ Beach or Mountain

girl, summer, and beach image nature, lake, and mountains image

♥ Europe or America

travel and city image Image removed
I never left my country that is in South America, I love France and Spain, but I prefer America

♥ Paris or London

paris, flowers, and rose image london, Big Ben, and city image

♥ LA or New York

california, los angeles, and palm tree image city, new york, and night image
Los angeles

♥ City or Countryside

beautiful, bed, and city image beauty, explore, and countryside image

♥ Summer or Winter

Image removed snow, winter, and christmas image
Right now it's summer in my country but I prefer winter

♥ Spring or Autumn

flowers, blossom, and nature image autumn, fall, and leaves image

♥ Christmas or Halloween

christmas, winter, and light image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

♥ Sunny or Rainy

london image light, rain, and night image

♥ Painting or Drawing

art, girl, and painting image art, planet, and black image

♥ Silver or Gold

iphone and apple image iphone image
Whether in iPhones or jewelry I prefer silver

♥ Art or Science

art, painting, and tumblr image blue, inspiration, and soft image
Art for life

♥ Cat or Dog

cat, animal, and milk image Image by damini

♥ Kylie or Kendall Jenner

Image by 𝐁𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐨𝐨𝐦𝐚 fashion, make up, and style image

♥ Gigi or Bella Hadid

gigi hadid, model, and beauty image bella hadid and model image

♥ Modern or Classic

house, luxury, and home image architecture, building, and chic image

♥ Books or Movies

alternative, book, and cherry image film, life, and quotes image

♥ Mc Donald's or Burger King

autumn, chips, and coca cola image food image
in my opinion burger king gives you more fries than mc donalds and that's great but in the flavor, mc donalds wins. I prefer Burger because they give you the fastest food

♥ Jelena or Abelena

selena gomez, justin bieber, and jelena image couples, theme, and relationships image
Jelena is Life

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