This is the real, THIS IS ME
I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be now
Gonna let the light...

...sorry I had to. Anyway, I've seen this around the WeHeartIt app and decided to give it a spin.


fashion, outfit, and denim image black, fashion, and shirts image shoes, socks, and vans image fashion, aesthetic, and necklace image
i live in jean jackets, striped shirts, my platform-checker vans, and pop culture shirts.


quotes, movie, and grunge image black and white, common, and gucci image fire, funny, and the office image quotes, that 70s show, and funny image
Socially awkward, don't have common sense, i threaten people a lot, and I'm very introverted


yellow image cherry, lips, and aesthetic image adidas, fashion, and yellow image blue, fashion, and necklace image
did i mention i love yellow


book, coffee, and autumn image music, quotes, and aesthetic image aesthetic, clothe, and clothes image sims, the sims, and food image
writing, listening to music, thrifting, and playing the sims 3


lana del rey and ️lana del rey image Image removed tame impala, theme, and aesthetic image drive in, drive thru, and june image yes image khalid image
you guys need to appreciate Dion more


I honestly only read poetry, and i couldn't find pics.

- any R.H. Sin book
-Flux by Orion Carloto


anger, gif, and lou image big eyes, movie, and margaret image
these are 2 that i haven't talked about before: Nightcrawler and Big Eyes.

more from me

xoxo, billie