Hey weheartit people . I saw that this thing was going on so I wanted to do it to ( that girl who copies everything ) Don't have nothing else to say so lets get started

Age : I'm 14 almost 15

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Best Movie : Almost all the Disney movies ( favorite Disney movie : Snow White ) and some normal movies ( I mean the not-cartoon movies . Lol i'm inventing words )

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Current Time :

Drink I Had Last : Water ( Stay hydrated kids ( I barely drink water so ... ) )

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Everyday Starts With : Me saying in my head that I need more sleep and why do I have to go to school

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Favorite Song : For now , it's Ain't Easy by Elijah Woods & James Fine ( Didn't find a pic of them to so putting a random thing )

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Grossest Memory : I think it was 3 years ago , I ate Jellybeans and I throw up because I ate to much of them . And at night I vomit twice ( the reason why I don't really like Jellybeans )

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Height : 1.53 ( or 5 foot ) I'm so small

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I'm Love With : Learning new things , Books , Memes , Words , Music and even more

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Jealous Of : Beautiful girls , People who have better grades than me and pretty much everything

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Killed Someone : Not yet ( Just kidding )

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Last I Cried : It was a long time ago like 2 weeks ( I cry rarely , I'm a crybaby )

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Middle Name : A weird middle name : Winnerfred

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Number Of Siblings : 2

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One Wish : To travel around the world and to spend time with Justin Bieber , Ariana Grande , Cameron Dallas ( Snack ) , & The Dolan Twins

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Person You Last Texted/Called : A guy on G+

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Questions You're Always Asking : Is the sky is Jesus emotions ? Did the Big Bang really existed ? What if Jesus is just creating human to find the next "Jesus" ? What if our life is just a story that we can write and change whenever we want ? I got to many questions for real

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Reason To Smile : Memes.Just.Memes and maybe family friends and other things but principaly memes

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Song You Last Sang : You Owe Me by The Chainsmokers

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Time You Woke Up : Week days : 6 : 45 Weekend : 9:00 or 10:00

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I just realize there's a missing letter ( U !!! )

Vacation Places : I already went to New York twice so I would like to visit Aurtalia ( especially Sydney ) France ( La vie en rose ) and many more

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X-rays You've Had : I never had X-rays ( My mom always told me to proctect myself especially the Sundays because the hospitals are closed . She was joking because I know that hospitals are open Sundays or maybe she's right ?)

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You're Favorite Food : Pizza or hot-dogs ( maybe both )

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Zodiac Sign : The best zodiac according to me : Aries ( btw I love zodiac signs . People who loves zodiac signs come talk to me and we could create a group of 12 people with different zodiac signs ) ( And yeah I've watched Fairy Tail )

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Hope you loved this article about me and you learned a little bit more about me . Follow me and like this thing


Love you all ♥
Bye !