Hi ! Here's my first article, hope you'll enjoy!

1- First kpop group you ever listened to?

Chen exo

2- First kpop group you liked?

Chen Chen
EXO of course

3- First ever bias?

Superthumb Superthumb Chen exo
I don't remember if it was baekhyun or sandeul

4- Favorite girl group?

Superthumb Superthumb

5- Favorite boy group?

daesung Chen dino
I can't choose only one so my 3 fav are Bigbang, EXO and seventeen

6- Ultimate bias? (girl)

kpop Superthumb

7- Ultimate bias? (boy)

exo Superthumb

8- How long you've been a kpop fan?

2 years and 9 months

9- Your 3 fav songs of 2018?

EXO - Kokobop
Sunmi -Gashina
Gfriend - Fingertip

10- Your 3 songs of the moment?

Lee Hi - Breathe
BIGBANG - Let's not fall in love
Ailee - I'll show you