O Beija-flor [The Hummingbird]

on a fast beat of memory
trying to breath in midst of
butterflies and
that soft green jade
confusingly longing
adoringly even
pollinated the inbetween

[S]pecks of sweet rosy
flourished a rose without thorns
frail and exposed
to yours lips of mystery,
there they go again
making the world spin
and another smile to bloom

Peculiar roses aside
all went away with your rapid flight
fated to wither defenseless
it was left plagued
why so fleeting?
why so suddenly gone?
no answer was giving by the wind

Your forget-me-not perfume
too rare, too lovely,
I kept in the wilderness inside
the sweet honey moment, however,
I could not keep
no other tasted better since

The butterflies remained too
but I strap them to the walls
of the lifeless garden
for the cannot be without your scent
and I can't bear to watch them fall
in between the driest petals

Hummingbird boy
your swift kisses may be far
but the touch of your wings
lingers in the back of my mind
and all is left
is the memory of the may[be]