How to style bralettes?

In my country, summer is ending but I know that in most of your places summer is close. What is better than a bralette when the weather is warm? Is stylish, fresh and beautiful.

Under a shirt with neckline.

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Is a sutil way to style bralettes without show too much.

Under a sweater.

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For you to feel sexy! Not always you have to show it, if it's covered is just for you.

With high wasted jeans.

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You won't feel uncovered because the jean. It is the perfect match!

In a luxury way!

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There are many luxury kind of bralettes that you can wear it for elegant/formal ocations, with pencil skirts or trousers.

Under a transparent blouse.

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Personal my fave style! You can show your bralette in a beautiful way and don't feel uncovered with transparent stuff.

Thanks for read my article, sweety!

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