Hello beautiful person!!
I decided to write an article of MY FAB quotes from sunshine Harry.
Hope y'all like and enjoy it. :)x

1.- Pick someone who's supportive.

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2.- Be nice to nice.

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3.- Do whatever makes you happiest. You can be whoever you want to be in this room.

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4.- I'm so honored to stand and perform in front of a group of strong women every night.

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5.- I'm loving you with every piece of me. Thank you so much.

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6.- If you are black, if you are white, if you are gay, if you are straight, if you are transgender, whoever you wann be: i support you.

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7.- Be a lover. Give love. Choose love.

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8.- We have a choice, every single day that we wake up, of what we can put into the world, and i ask you to please choose love every single day.

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9.- I study rainbows.

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10.- If you're going to get in trouble for hitting someone, might as well hit them hard.

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11.- A dream is only a dream until you decide to make it real.

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12.- Age is just a number. maturity is a choice.

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13.- Don't choose the one who's beautiful to the world, but rather, choose the one who makes your world beautiful.

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14.- Treat people with kindness.

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