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I love to read them, they make me enter the whole immensity of the desert, their tales so old ..I'll devour them when I sit down and start reading each one of them.
The desert is so wide, I can imagine myself being in it when I start to read, feel the sand on my feet, the sun beating hard on my cheek.
Incredible how can you be in various places while you are reading, I can be in India, or in Moscow in Russia, feel the cozy cold in seconds
I can feel the scent of cherries and figs as I pass the streets of India in New Delhi.

because I love this genre very much, I came to indicate some books that fascinated me a lot and that covers a lot of this beautiful culture 💫.

1º rebel of the sands - Alwyn Hamilton
The Rebel of the Desert
this book fascinated me greatly by the way the culture of a part of the Desert was shown to me, I ended up learning so simply and swiftly about this culture. The stories told in the book were what most caught my eye, I really enjoyed the story of Atiyah and Ziyah ❤.
But what draws attention to this story is the way in which the author shows us how the woman was "seen", as it had no value, except in relation to marriage, the author embellishes the social criticism about the customs and traditions of Arabia, because it deals very well with the subject of abuse against women, early marriage, social insignificance, such injustices that haunt our reality.
OBS! is not a book focused on the novel of history, is a book that will show us a girl who tries to escape home to achieve a better life, and that ends up entering a great adventure.

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2º The Wrath and the Dawn - Renée Ahdieh
This novel based on The Thousand and One Night is fantastic !, I really enjoyed seeing the courage of the Sherazade for applying for the place of bride of Khalid Ibn Al-Rashid, the king of Khorasan, for revenge the death of his friend.
But while she is in the castle she will end up discovering other things about her King.
It was good to read something that shows us the other side of this tale, I'm still in love with Khalid! ❤

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(OBS!, merely illustrative image)

3º I'm Malala - Malala Yousafzai
I've heard a lot about this book, I have not read it, but I know it will be a great read. He is already in my goals for this year 🙏

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4º Rupi Kaur
I love reading the way she sees life and writes showing her feelings, a great writer, her lectures inspire me to want to be a better person, and in her poems I lose myself as I read and learn.

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5º Reawakened - Colleen Houck

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so these are some books I've separated, I hope you have enjoyed!.
when you have doubts, you can call me to talk about books!
Lay's kisses 💘