Day 2: Write something that someone told you about yourself and you never forgot.

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It´s kinda difficult for me to write this because is related to my depression.
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This happen when I was in a really bad moment, I just realized I had depression and I didn’t know what to do. I had no money to go to the doctor, I was far from my home and I was so bad with myself.

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One day one of my best friends came to the place I was living and told me I had to do something so we searched for a psychologist in my city and we found one.
The day I went to the psychologist my friend went with me. I was nervous and I didn’t know what I should say so the psychologist, who was a woman, she started asking me why I was there and things like that and I told her many things but one of that things was that I miss my grandma and she asked me why I said I missed her because she had died and the last months she was alive she was really sick and she didn’t do anything for getting better so I was displeased for that.
The part that I remember very well is the next:

“Okay, you´re telling me that you´re kind of angry with your grandmother because she did nothing for her health and for getting better so what you just told me is exactly the same you´re doing nothing for yourself. You just cannot sit, cry and say oh poor me I have depression I´m so unlucky.

That what she told me, I remember every word and every time I start feeling bad I tell myself the same words.

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It´s okay having depression but what it´s not okay it´s letting it stay. If you don’t do anything, life will continue and won’t stop just for you. I know it´s easier say it than do it but believe me doing nothing won´t change the situation.

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I wanted to write this because I think it could be helpful for somebody. If you´re having depression or something related, you´re not alone you have your family, friends, a couple. You have to tell them, and if you don’t have someone to talk about it you can send me a postcard or
you can consult the next link:

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Hope you enjoy it and thanks for reading me♡