Hi everyone!
I decided to write this article because as every other girl, I always daydreamed about the future perfect wedding. I hope you'll enjoy it.


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I prefer the ones with a large skirt, maybe with lace and flowers.


hair, hairstyle, and wedding image hair, flowers, and hairstyle image hair, wedding, and braid image hair, hairstyle, and dress image
Hairstyle will match the style of the dress, and I'd like a flower crown or a tiara.


decor, wedding decor, and one day image Image removed wedding, flowers, and white image wedding, flowers, and beautiful image
I prefer locations outdoor, decorated with a lot of white and pink flowers.


wedding, couple, and wedding dress image wedding, couple, and kiss image love, couple, and dance image love, wedding, and couple image
Photos are important, to keep memories of an amazing day!


cake, roses, and wedding image weddings and wedding cakes image cake, flowers, and food image beautiful, cake, and decor image
Well, now is pretty much obvious that I love flowers. ahah. So, I'd like a pink or withe cake with a lot of flowers.


beautiful, bouquet, and dress image wedding, flowers, and dress image fleur, Fleurs, and flower image flowers, rose, and pink image
The bouquet will match the dress. White or pink roses are my favourite flowers.


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During the wedding I want to be surrounded with my favourite people, right by my side!


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