As we all know, life is not easy. Most people will experience depression at some point in life and it can be really tough. As someone who has struggled for years, I want to share some things that has helped me, and still is helping me. I have realised that it is the little things in life that makes me want to live, and that we need to appreciate.


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Spending time outdoors and breathing in the fresh air is truly amazing. Whether it is taking a walk in a park or by the sea, or going hiking to the mountain, the fresh air really clears my head and makes me feel relaxed. Nature is beautiful and something to appreciate.


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It is so important to take care of your family and friends, especially your family. As a teenager, you might be embarrassed about hanging out with family members like your mom and dad, but as I have come to realise, it actually makes me happy spending time with them.


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I love reading, but most of the time I choose to just watch a movie or a tv show instead because I just find it easier, but when I first sit down and start reading, I notice how much joy it gives me.

Taking care of yourself

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Take a nice, relaxing bath, put on a face mask, have a glass of wine - and just enjoy life. For me, some alone time every now and then is essential.