Hey guys, I've been so busy :( I'm sorry. I'm doing challenge day 8. I'm gonna tell you about five of my passions.
I'm not really sure if I love them that much, but I certainly like them a lot. Here we go.


I'm not a sports girl, I can't deal with balls, I hate running and the gym. But one day my mom decided I was gonna do some exercise, I was like 14, she made me take swimming class, I didn't want to but I had to and I loved it. A year later I had to stop going for a couple weeks cause I had a broken toe, but I never came back, but when someone talked about exercising I couldn't think of anything else than swimming, I couldn't get back because a lot of reasons, but I started swimming again a month ago, and oh I'm so happy, cause I love being in the water, everything else dissapears, and you can float, lift your fit from the ground and breathe in a different way, letting everything out. I swim at night so it takes out the stress of the day.

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I already told you about this, I love filmaking, how everything is done, I have made some short films and I wish I could do this for a living, is complicated I know, but I can try right?, I could be there someday. I'm reading a lot about filmaking and movies. Meanwhile I'm producing publicity videos, and I love that too.

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Ok, don't think I'm a singer or that I have a beautiful voice. I would never become a singer, my voice is not bad, but it is not good enough and that's ok cause I use singing as a reliever, I listen to some song I like and sing it as loud as I can, as if I were at a concert and take it all out, and is better when the song says everything I need to say in that moment. Like when you can't find the words. I don't do it in public or anything.

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I'm not sure if I could call it a passion, I don't do art, but I like it so much, how much it tells, all the creativity and feeling behind it and how I can feel identified with it. I like paintings, photos, movies and reading some poetry and literature. It makes life more beautiful.

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Being alone

I'm not a social person, I mean I can be with my closest friends, my family and my boyfriend, spending time with them actually makes me feel so good and happy. But most of the time like being by myself, listening to some music, organizing my stuff, watching a movie, or whatever, but it makes me feel everything is quiet and in peace.

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Those are kind of my passions, I feel like I haven't really found my real big passion yet, but these are things I really enjoy.
Thank you so much for your likes, I hope you're having a beautiful day. See you in challenge day 9, I promise it will be soon.