Hey Guys! Welcome back to the 30 Day Writing Challenge. Today's topic is about my top three celebrity crushes and it was hard to only choose three. I chose these celebrities because I loved the way the act and they really get into character. I guess I can say I am in love with their character more than them in general just because I don't know much about who they really are. I am one of those people who likes to see celebrities as normal people so here they are.

taron egerton, kingsman, and eggsy image
1. Taron Egerton
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2. Chris Hemsworth
beauty, woman power, and photoshoot image
3. Emilia Clarke 😍

Taron Egerton is handsome, I see him as what people would say is a "real man." Chris Hemsworth is charismatic along with hilarious! I really enjoy watching him in the Avengers. Emilia Clarke is classy, fierce, and independent to name a few. She is my woman crush all day every day! hehe. Hope you all keep enjoying your day. Sending positive vibes your way, xo elipoise.