These past months has been a real struggle for me especially with my sleeping schedule so I knew I had to fix it asap and I think i’ve finally found stuff that helps.
So guys listen up if you're struggling, i’m here hoping these stuff will save you!

1. Calm music/audiobook
Listening to a calm song or audiobook will help you relax, just lay down, shut your eyes and put on headphones so you block out other sounds and listen to something calm. Just lay there and don't try to think more than on what your listening to.

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ASMR is typically a video consisting of a person making relaxing sounds, like a scalp massage. Some people however, find ASMR gross or creepy but trust me it’s not, give it atleast a try before you judge!
I love this, at first I thought it was really weird but after searching around and finding what i personally like it really helps. My favorite ASMR videos are scalp massages or massages overall, cutting and washing hair. I get super calm, relaxed and it really helps me fall asleep faster.

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3. Reading
I’m sure most of you already know this but seriously it really helps. When you read you calm down and both your eyes and brain starts to relax and unwind, and that my friend is exactly what will make you fall asleep much faster rather than surfing around on your phone or computer.

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4. Drink something warm BUT caffeine free
Some drink tea before going to bed because it’s warm, cozy and soothing but many people doesn't know that there’s caffeine in some teas too. If you want to drink it, drink rooibos or chamomile tea, perfect before bed because it’s both relaxing and caffeine free.

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5. A cool room
Before going to bed open your window for 10-15 minutes to cool down your room a bit. When you're going to bed in a cooler room your body will adjust its body temperature and that will ease everything and make you fall asleep faster.

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6. Writing
If you are someone that always overthink when you're going to sleep (just like me) and are just laying there while your brain is killing you then i suggest to write!! It really helps, just brain dump everything your thinking off in a notebook. Throw all those feelings and thoughts in the book and hopefully after it will calm your thinking down and make it easier to fall asleep.

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That's all, these are just stuff that worked for me, i'm not a professional doctor that knows everything i just want to help! :)
Hopefully it did in some way!!