A little text that I did when I was sad and bad.

You can say that I have two faces
A of good, and of evil
In one of them, I do not believe in you, in your words, in your looks and gestures.
And in the other, I just believe, I hear it, the saved of the world that hates you.
You could simply say thank you, or even give me a loving hug.

I want to leave this world, full of enemies, fights ...
Then I suddenly take myself into a world totally unimaginable.
A paradise that depends on how you think you should be one.
I could do whatever he wanted, and i would never suffer again.
Walking aimlessly against storms, and even against the enormous heat of the sun that hurts the head.
I Climb mountains, i take a bath in a huge waterfall with sparkling dots.
But even if I get this ... I would never forget you.
Even if i want to lose my memory, that's impossible.
What did you do to me?
Even if I cut myself, hit me, or do other nasty things to myself.
Your face always comes in my mind.
Our happy times.
But of course, unfortunately the sad ones too.
Until that in one moment I make one decision, I could leave this world.
And also of all the others who could make me reincarnate
I make bad decisions with other people, killing them, I do not know what else.
Ready, hell call me.
Would not deserve to go to any other world.
Only one that rain is lava, grass is orange sand.
Yes, this is my paradise.
For there, never could you invade my mind.
It was forbidden.
Finally free.
Of course this place was not my dream.
But from you at least ...
I'm completely free.