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Hey!!! I'm very happy to show you my bucket list about New York City today! I really want to visit this city, I thinks NYC it's beautiful!
P.S: Sorry for my english, I'm french!
Hope you will enjoy my article!♡

1- Central Park, of course!

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I really want to walk in this park. I love nature and beautiful things, and I think this park is perfect for me!

2- Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn, brooklyn bridge, and city image Brooklyn, city, and new york image
It's a dream for me to walk on this bridge. I really love to see pics and I think it is a beautiful construction.

3- Broadway

america, arts, and city image broadway, new york, and city image
I think it's fantastic to see a musical comedy in Broadway! This area looks very artistic and I really apreciate art.

4- Tribeca

nyc, city, and new york image house, city, and building image
I don't know why exactly, but when I see this area on pictures, I think it's wonderful. I hope visit this area soon!

5- Empire State Building

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And finally, I really want to visit this iconic tower. The view looks beautiful, and the tower is a very beautiful construction.

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