You have people who belongs below you. Those are the people who ignore you when you try to do an effort to make your friendship a little bit better and fun while you were not that happy .You had a vision of how your friendship could be and you want to achieve that , but you're the only one who tries to make a different and does an effort too achieve it. You try to make them happy while you where on a split of falling apart and give it up but you will always make them happy becuss that's what makes you happy but at the end of this battle you will loose .. isn't it that weird? You are the one who does that much efforts and shows how much you loved them by give them those little signs to say you're my best friend and i won't never lose you but no that's not enough for them you have to give them your heart, your full energy and all off your attention and at the end .. it's still not good for them and without a reason or an explication they drop you like your nothing while you meant the world for them a couple of months ago. But remember people change and that's not your faulth you're not responsible for them showing some bad behaviour what's not your faulth, you are not the reason of them behaving bad, it's the person him self! He choose to be the rude guy who can gets every girl and act like some one who has everything, but no that's not true .. the only thing he doesn't own is a true friendship and some one who trully loves him and shows it every day , some one who would walk through fire for you but you wouldn't even help them when they felt on the ground... A friendship has to come from both sides not just of your side, when he trully loves you he would show it and doesn't ignore your little attention that you love him, it's that simple ! Don't put your energy in some one who doesn't want to see you that you give about them. When they don't notice that you love them and would do everything too make you friendship perfect or at least a real friendship .. please let them go and let him search for someone better! He isn't worth all the energy you gave to him. You should spent your time with some one who shows you they are better than him and say you mean the world for them becuss that's what they call true friendship !