I read this article by @DarkBayForDreamers and it really made me think, I was so shocked to see that my best friend (well maybe ex) did everything on this list.

First of all how can someone be this cruel to her best friend? I really don't understand. A best friend should be the person you can tell everything to, the person who helps you in any moment, the one who lifts you up not the one who puts you down. The one who tells you when the person you hate the most talks shit about you, not the one who talks behind your back with THAT person. The one who should forgive you when you do something she didn't appreciate, because otherwise she would make you feel so bad for not forgiving her and she would make you feel like you are the one who did it wrong. The one who should defend you in any circumstance, not the one who tells to someone it's your fault for something she did. The person who just say sorry to you and try to explain when you tell her that you feel like she doesn't want to be your friend anymore, not the one who tells you that maybe it's your fault if she doesn't wanna be around you anymore. The one who asks you if everything is okay when it's obviously not, not the one who knows your world is falling apart and does nothing about it, well in reality she literally ignores it and just keep texting you like nothing happened.

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I really don't get how people can be like this, I don't know maybe I'm too kind and gentle and I would literally feel so bad after treating someone like that. I'm sorry cause we had the best friendship, everyone was so jealous of us but she literally screw it up and I can't even be sorry if she finds a friend who treats her like she did to me, maybe she will figure out what does it means when you get to the point you feel so attached to someone and you trust them till dead and then they just ruin everything. Hope you never feel this feeling.

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