Hey, writing my first article was really entertaining and I wanted to write another one, choosing between two things that (from what I see) make debate. Hope you'll enjoy !

  • Tea or Coffee
book, candle, and tea image flowers, coffee, and pink image
  • Japanese or Italian food
sushi, food, and fish image food, pasta, and yummy image
I LOVE Sushis but in a general point of view I prefer Italian food
  • Burger or Pizza
food and burger image pizza, food, and fries image
  • Vanila or Chocolate
food, ice cream, and yummy image chocolate, food, and drink image
  • Mayo or Ketchup
food, yummy, and fries image food, fries, and delicious image
Ketchup since I hate mayonnaise
  • Fruits or Vegetables
fruit, food, and orange image food, healthy, and fruit image
Fruits !
  • B&W or Colors
b&w, city, and la image pink, sunset, and car image
  • Day or Night
city, new york, and sky image city, light, and night image
  • Sunrise or Sunset
barley, beautiful, and day image beach, sunset, and landscape image
  • Beach or Mountain
beach, summer, and ocean image nature, travel, and mountains image
  • Europe or America
paris, architecture, and travel image city, street, and new york image
  • Paris or London
paris, travel, and france image london, Big Ben, and travel image
  • LA or New York
venice, travel, and city image city, travel, and new york image
I like both but probably more LA
  • City or Countryside
bedroom, home, and room image city, sunset, and sun image
City !
  • Summer or Winter
nature, adventure, and travel image christmas, winter, and snow image
Summer !
  • Spring or Autumn
flowers, spring, and pink image autumn, fall, and leaves image
Spring, but I love the Halloween vibe
  • Christmas or Halloween
christmas, merry christmas, and winter image Halloween, pumpkin, and autumn image
  • Sunny or Rainy
london image rainy image
  • Painting or Drawing
art, aesthetic, and eye image drawings, aesthetics grunge icon, and site model models image
I prefer to draw but I find painting more beautiful
  • Silver or Gold
watch, Prada, and luxury image watch, gold, and fashion image
  • Shower morning or Shower evening
pink, bath, and gold image window, alternative, and purple image
  • Art or Science
aesthetic, art, and colors image architecture and art image
ART ! I will never understand people who choose science (and yes I put two pictures of Art !)
  • Cat or Dog
adorable, cat, and cats image animal, dog, and tattoo image
Cat I guess..??
  • Kylie or Kendall Jenner
Image by Roula Makrigianni kendall jenner, model, and Kendall image
  • Gigi or Bella Hadid
gigi hadid, model, and Victoria's Secret image beauty, celebrities, and models image
Bella !
  • Modern or Classic
house, Dream, and home image city, travel, and architecture image
It depends on what but generally I find Classic more aesthetically pleasing
  • Books or Movies
book, grunge, and read image disney, young, and forever image
Books !

And the end.. Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed doing it. Have a good day ! 🖤