I love seeing those boho inspired pictures here on WHI. I've decided to make a little list of things I can do in order to get that kind of lifestyle (let's see if it'll work out for me!)

Drink Tea

girl, coffee, and vintage image tea, flowers, and vintage image tea, book, and flowers image girl, coffee, and cafe image

Plants are friends

plants, cactus, and flowers image aesthetic, black, and day image flowers, indie, and aesthetic image plants, bedroom, and room image

Wear light/floral clothes

fashion, style, and aesthetic image fashion, style, and outfit image style, outfit, and tumblr image flowers, aesthetic, and indie image


hair, braid, and flowers image Image removed hair, flowers, and tumblr image fashion, hair, and girl image


books, dead poets society, and films image books, libros, and booklover image aesthetic, book, and books image book, sun, and reading image

Take long walks

adventure, beautiful, and braids image autumn, colourful, and photography image countryside, flowers, and nature image feet, flowers, and nature image

Fairy lights

room image light, vintage, and room image room, decoration, and guitar image room, bed, and bedroom image

Press flowers

flowers, hands, and indie image flowers, black, and grunge image flowers, book, and vintage image flowers, press, and pれ image

Be more artsy

art, flowers, and painting image art, galaxy, and painting image art, paint, and colors image tattoo, flowers, and art image

Take pictures of nature

nature, forest, and photography image beautiful, summer spring, and clouds image flowers, aesthetic, and tumblr image Temporarily removed


book and dreamcatcher image Image removed bohemian, boho, and dreamcatcher image Dream, dreamcatcher, and etsy image

Go cycling

girl, bike, and photography image flowers and bike image flowers, bike, and home image 70s, fjallraven, and 80s image

Dainty jewellery

dainty and Piercings image rings, gold, and hand image bracelet, moon, and stars image necklace, style, and tumblr image

Hope these pictures gave you an idea of this boho lifestyle (idk if that's a thing or did I just made that up..?) Anyways ttys in new articless!


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s a j e d a

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