I love seeing those boho inspired pictures here on WHI. I've decided to make a little list of things I can do in order to get that kind of lifestyle (let's see if it'll work out for me!)

Drink Tea

autumn cup book cafe

Plants are friends

flowers Superthumb aesthetic bedroom

Wear light/floral clothes

aesthetic beauty girl aesthetic


beauty blonde beach blonde


Superthumb Superthumb book book

Take long walks

Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb barefoot

Fairy lights

room decor bedroom bed

Press flowers

flowers aesthetic book Superthumb

Be more artsy

aesthetic art alternative art

Take pictures of nature

forest Superthumb aesthetic beach


book bohemian Superthumb Dream

Go cycling

bicycle flowers bike Superthumb

Dainty jewellery

earrings accessories bracelet aesthetic

Hope these pictures gave you an idea of this boho lifestyle (idk if that's a thing or did I just made that up..?) Anyways ttys in new articless!


s a j e d a
s a j e d a

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