Hii everyone. How are you doing today ? So i was a chellenge called #ThisIsMeChallenge, and i really liked it so i'm gonna give it a try in this article.
Let's get it started.


fashion and style image fashion, coffee, and jeans image autumn, jacket, and style image fashion, girl, and friends image


berry, beutiful, and color image Image by Grace fashion, white, and style image beach, summer, and blue image
I love red, black , white and blue.


food, Chicken, and fries image ice cream, food, and nails image cupcake, pink, and food image breakfast, food, and fruit image donuts, food, and sweet image food and croissant image
You may notice that i used more than 4 pictures for food, i just love food !!

TV shows

the big bang theory, penny, and series image beer, rachel green, and tv show image 90210, fruit, and food image the big bang theory, sheldon cooper, and young sheldon image


hip hop, money, and rap image Drake, summer, and 2018 image nicki minaj and goals image
I love hip hop...

Life Style

girl, photography, and article image paris, travel, and city image travel, traveling, and سَفَر image school, study, and book image

So that was it for this challenge. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Give it a try you will see that it is pretty cool.

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