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Today I want to write a more « beauty » related article, it’s my everyday drugstore makeup routine. If you want to test out the products I personally use, you normally can find them in every drugstore in every country as these makeup brands are international. It’s pretty simple routine actually, I’m more into a quick and simple makeup in the everyday life.

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Let's goooo

First step: face

_I’m not a big fan of foundation so what I like to do is just concealer on my blemishes, dark spots and on my under eyes (hello bags under the eyes team 🙋‍♀️). Currently I use the « NYX HD Studio Photogenic », it’s a really good drugstore concealer. And when I want to have a more « unified, perfect » finish I first use a bb cream. My bb cream is not a really drugstore one as it’s the one from Bali body the Australian " instagram" brand, I really like this one and it’s the only one I’ve ever used but I know they are a lot of bb creams on the drugstore market.

After that I sometimes powder my face but it really depends on my mood, and for that I like to use the « Maybelline fit me powder »
Last I highlight my face with a creamy highlighter as I really like the result of it and I put on some blush. My blush and highlighter are from NYX, as you can probably tell by now I really like this brand! My highlighter is the « Bright Idea » illuminating stick and my blush powder is the « High Definition Blush »_

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Next: the eyes

For eyeshadows, I like to use the Maybelline nude palette for when I want to do a cute everyday makeup look there are some really cute colors on that palette that goes well with the tone of my skin. Or the Kiko's palette are really cute too! And for when I’m not really in the mood I don’t put any eyeshadow. Sometimes I like to put on eyeliner but in a really discrete way, cat eyes are not really my style.
Lastly for the eyes, but most importantly: MASCARA. I can’t go out without of my house without it, otherwise I would look like I don’t have any lashes (thank you biology for giving me my mom’s non-existent lashes while my brother who doesn’t need it at all, has lashes to die for 🙄) I mostly use the Maybelline’s mascaras, I think they are the best! And for the eyebrows, personally the only thing I do is brush them with a little brush.

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Last but not least: lips

I always always start by moisturizing my lips, I like the Carmex ones or any lip balm with coconut, I’m obsessed with that smell 🙊 For lipstick I really like the « NYX matte lip lingerie » lipsticks, all these nude colors are amazing! Or sometimes I use the « x » from Kiko, it gives a cute subtil red « biten » color to my lips.

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Well that’s all for my makeup routine, I don't really do much! I always start by moisturizer my face of course (maybe I’ll tell you about my skincare routine one day) you can tell me if you'd like that and I finish with a touch of perfume (my all time favorite is « La petite robe noire » from Guerlain)

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Thank you for reading, I hope you liked it!

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