So currently life has been stressful. Since I am 18 years old I am currently in college and it is my second semester but first year. I am still getting used to things so I have not been able to write an article or post. Well, I currently have six classes and honestly, they are kicking my ass.

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I go to school twice a week because I attend three of my classes and have the other three online. I am usually on my laptop most of the time cause all my homework or tests are online.

Even though I have been stressed I still try to take time for myself. I go out with my sister all the time because she is trying to be a photographer and she uses me to practice. We go out to eat, movies, or to take pictures.

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We usually got to the Hollywood walk of fame, Melrose Ave, the valley, and La Brea Ave. All these places are in LA and are the most famous tourist places whether it is for shopping or for pictures.

Something else I do is I stay in and watch movies or tv shows after I finish my homework and I try to wind down and just relax. One show is drama and one is more funny do it helps me

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I am currently watching Shameless and I am new to this boat but this show is so good. If you haven't watched it you should like right now. I am also watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch and I am almost done with this show but I love it so much.

SO even when life gets stressful take time for yourself and try to do things that you love. I want to know how your life goes? What do you do to de-stress? What are you currently watching? cause I need new shows/movies to watch. Do you like photography? Or do you like being the model?