○ Which house do you belong to?

yellow, rain, and happy image lights, aesthetic, and hufflepuff image

○ What is your Patronus?
A wolf

wolf, art, and black image wolf, animal, and wild image

○ What is your favourite female character?
Ginny Weasley and Luna Lovegood

ginny weasley, harrypotter, and hinny image harry potter, luna lovegood, and luna image

○ What is your favourite male character?
Teddy Lupin

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○ What is the female character you hate the most?
Dolores Umbridge

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○ What is the male character you hate the most?
Peter Pettigrew

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○ Part that made you cry:
Dobby's death

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○ Wand, Stone or Cloak:
The cloak

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○ What is your favourite subject?

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○ A spell you would do in real life?
Accio, because I would never have to leave my bed or the couch or Expecto Patronum so I could just have a wolf running around my room

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○ Your position in Quidditch?
I don't play, but if I did, probably chaser

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○ Metamorphmagus or Animagus?
Metamorphmagus for sure!

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