Being positive might come easy to some, but it can be hard for others. Being positive can influence a person’s life immensely and make them all around a happier person!!

Reasons to be positive and optimistic:
-makes you happy!
-you can enjoy your everyday life even more
-helps you be kind to everyone around you
-creates more opportunities for you

Being positive and optimistic go hand in hand. So being positive might make you optimistic, which can make you see the world in new colors!

How to be Positive:
-get a quote or a saying that is positive and really speaks to you
-put your saying or quote somewhere you will see it; for example a mirror
-list everything you are grateful for
-write something that seems to be bugging you and put it into someone else’s perspective.
-whenever there is something you don’t want to do or an event that is negative, start a sentence in your head with at least it’s not something worse, such as...

Most importantly, don’t give up! It will take time and effort but will impact your life in the best way!