I left the airport around ten so I could make my flight. I had two layovers total and the whole journey would take me roughly ten hours. The first flight was on Jet Blue where I attempted to sleep for the five hour flight. The layover at the first stop was an hour and a half while the other was three hours. I then took two small planes for the other flights, and they both were a little over an hour.

When I heard I was going to the Bahamas I was jumping for joy. When I thought of the Bahamas I thought of a California-like beach with many palm trees and beautiful sunsets. However, I was not totally expecting what I saw.

I waited to get off the plane, looking out at the sunny island. It was very green and tropical. As I looked out I saw natives who were staring at the visitors as they came out of the air plane. None of us could move very far after getting out of the plane because we had to get past the security check point of the country. By the time I got through security, I was expecting to see many tourists and lots of shops to buy souvenirs at. However when my taxi driver picked me and my family up and began to drive, I noticed that the place was very uninhabited. Yes there were houses, but many looked vacant, including many of the shops. Mostly you could see lots of green plants and untouched land. My taxi driver drove us to the hotel and with every turn I felt my heart jump as another car passed by on the right side of the road. I kept forgetting that in Eleuthera, they drive on the left side of the road.This was an entirely different country than the one I knew.

As the taxi driver drove, he showed us the skinniest part of the island called the Glass Bridge that he then drove us on. You could see both oceans, the Atlantic and the Caribbean. It was magnificent. By the time we got to the hotel, it was still the early afternoon and a friendly man came and welcomed us, offering us many drinks. We then were guided to the front desk where the woman told us it would be a minute before we could get into our room and asked if we would like a tour. Of course we said yes and piled into a golf cart with drinks in our hands and waited for the well-anticipated tour. It was simply breathtaking. Hammocks hung from almost every palm tree in sight, a large stone path was in every direction with grass in between each stone. The golf cart took us to a beautiful restaurant where there was a pool outside and many bungalows surrounded the restaurant. Once the tour was over, we had to wait for our Bungalow to be prepped, so in the mean time we sat on a nice wooden deck by the pool looking at a gorgeous view of the ocean.

By the time our bungalow was ready, we had several drinks of multiple types, and were ready to get some swimsuits on and check out the water. We went into our little bungalow and got dressed, eager to check out the beach. When we stepped onto our deck, you could see the beach because it was only a 2 minute walk until you were in the water. We walked to the beach barefoot, feeling the green grass and the soft sand on our feet. There were all sorts of fun things laying on the beach for us to use. There were kayaks, paddle boards, snorkels, and so much more. One of the Beach Boys helped us take out three paddle boards into the ocean. We could see many shells as we walked into the water. They were harsh on the feet, but worth the hassle for the paddle boarding. The waves were a little rough due to a light storm, but there was nothing to complain about. Everything was absolutely perfect. There were two beaches, and you could paddle board from one to another; it was just right around a big part of the island where the pool is and you can cliff jump a little further up the hill. We then had to go back into our Bungalow to get dressed for dinner. As we headed to dinner, we could see a marvelous sunset that contained orange,pink, yellow and small traces of blue from the day. At the restaurant, we were placed by the window to watch the sunset, and we ate divine food, and were being taken care of by the most friendly staff. It was probably because we were the only people staying at the hotel, for everyone else was coming tomorrow.