Hey beautiful we heart it! Today I have a new article for you. These days I try to make better my instagram account. I've created an instagram account for my favorite TV series and I'm uploading different scenes from the episodes. So I thought it was a nice idea to tell you how to make these photos. Maybe,there is someone who wants to start something similar and not know how. Do not worry I will explain to you step by step how to make it.

Well, these are the pictures I'll show you how to make a step by step. It's very easy and the applications I use are free. So let's get started.

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↪ Save the pictures

First we have to save the snapshots we want to make the collage.

  • First, we're looking to find the episode on a web page. It would be good to don't have subtitles, so that we can create our own subtitles. Me, I use the site 123movieshub.to for the photos. This site also contains subtitles for anyone wanting to see a series.

Link: https://123movieshub.to/

  • Find the snapshot that you want and press the prt sc button on our computer. Open the painting icon and save the photo. Do the same as the photos you want to create the collage. Very easy. Right;
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Image by series

↪ Time to edit

For the editing I use two applications. Both applications are free. You can also download the second application to the computer.


  • The Vsco is one of my favorite apps for photos. But if the lighting of the series is low I would not suggest it because it would make the image darker.
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Polarr Photo Editor

  • I recently discovered this app and changed my photos very much. It is very easy to use and you can store your own filters and use them whenever you want.

Video how to use polarr: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAJp1gtHyRM

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↪ The apps for collage

I have to show you two applications for collage. I use both of them and I like it a lot.

Layout From Instagram

  • Choose as many photos as you like and choose how you want it to be your collage.
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  • This app has ready-made designs for collage. Select one and then place the photos in the order you want.
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↪ Text and subtitles

I think we all want to have a beautiful font in our photos.


  • With this application you can have that font you want. You can change the colors, to put shadow and more. You have to download this app. You will not regret it.
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This was my article for this time. I hope you like it. Thanks for reading. See you next time. Bisous Katerina.

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