✨✨✨ ° the most beautiful part is,
i wasn't even looking when i found YOU
° ✨✨✨

I was not interested in anyone for quite of the time. It was okay. I was used to be inlove with all those idols of mine. They were my save and my happy place.


After reading a fanfiction, something happened. I saw a boy. A mysterious one.

For some time it was just pure fun to have me occupied during the holidays.

I was excited to find out who THAT boy was but as time passed and I still didn't know who he was, my thoughts were more and more occupied by him.

I was practically glued on the window looking for him, trying to see his face, taking pics of the main door of the panel house so I can google those names, I was looking for him in town, knowing the people he hung out with but still didn't know his name.

Until one night, when I was looking at the photo and THAT photo I looked for a hundred of times and I saw him, his face was similar what I saw a few nights before. The funny part is that he didn't have a profile pic so even though I kept looking among the right people I couldn't find him.

It was him.

I finally found out who he is. So I thought okay. Now the fun is over. Let's move on.

But I still kept looking out for him, taking pics of him, tweeting about him.

3 days ago (on sunday) I followed him on IG, to be honest I would never do it, I don't know why I did it. But I did it. So I kept waiting and thinking maybe he is not online, maybe he deleted it. I kept making excuses why he didn't follow me back.

Days have passed and I saw he was online because he followed someone. Also today he changed his profile pic.

He does not have any pics though, he just likes a few posts and that's all.

To be honest it fucking took me that he didn't follow back or liked any pic to let me know he knows about me.

But I guess i'm not even worth to be known so it's okay.

It's time I go back to my imaginary self who is dreaming about marrying Justin Bieber or Min Yoongi.

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