Helou friends ♡ I hope you're having a peaceful day (:

Today when I was walking from my last evening class, I decided to walk home instead of taking bus, it was around 7pm so sun was about to set. I'm that type of person who loves journals and is also crappy about it, like i can't sit and write down things that i am grateful for for some reason. But today I felt so special and lucky to be alive, it was such a simple moment, but it made me realize something, so i decided to start a gratitude journal, something that i always wanted but always put off. so i hope this tips will help you and I out.. good luck! ♡

1) Choose a layout

So, when i started to decorate it, it kind-of was hard to choose what i wanted to go for. I decided to have a different layout each month, this month i chose this layout:

art, creativity, and gratitude image

2) Be honest
Okay, this journal is only for you and you have to pour out everything, and it does not have to be ''oh im grateful because i got a cool new phone'' or ''i got new this and that and all that materialistic stuff'' no, it can be 'today a random person hold a door for me in store' or 'i smiled to a child and it was cute' or anything really that makes you happy. it is just for you to realize that simple things matter.

3) Don't plan ahead

Don't plan ahead other months. Don't try to make it as cool as possible. Carry it everywhere and every night before going to sleep, write down things that make you think of how lucky you are to exist, no matter what.

Because honestly, all of us go through crappy things, because life might not be all butterflies and rainbows, but since we were meant to live, we should might as well appreciate is as often as we can.

  • Even when it's difficult, there is always something to be grateful for *

Love you guys, hope this helped a little! (: