The KOXX are an electronic garage rock band that debuted in 2010, though they have been together since their university time as an amateur band. During their debut they were actually pretty well received by the Korean audience. But from 2012 to 2015, the band went on a hiatus with their members finishing their military service.

However, they didn’t vanish from the music scene even during this time. Sunbin became a member of the band Life&Time. Sooryun worked with various artist and Shaun started DJ-ing , he even became a finalist at the 2015 DJ survival show HEADLINER, and producing music for other artists. Some songs he produced include 4MINUTE’s Dream Chaser and Jaejoong’s Mine and he also worked with EXO, Boa and Homme.

They’ve currently got 4 members:

1. Hyeonsong – guitarist and vocal
2. Shaun – synthesizer and keyboard
3. Sunbin -bassist
4. Sooryun - guitarist
They were a 5 man band, but Sarong, the drummer, left.

One thing tat seperates them from other bands, besides the electronical garage style rock, is that most of their songs are sung in English.;list=PLB0ueF01mlTg8S887xt66L4c4lDax4yGF