Hi everyone,

I resently talked with some girls about our style. They asked me, what my style was. And finding the answer was a bit of a struggle. We all have the image, that every one has one specific style, so we are chic or punk or retro. I don't really believe in that, but it is nice to have some kind of guideline, with your clothes and stuff. So here are 5 ways to get your own style.

1. Orientate: Let's face it, it is not like you are going to find your style from one day to another. It is going to take time, before you actually find your style. In the mean time. Orientate. Go orientate on youtube, pinterest, instagram, maybe in your school. Just look to stuff you like, outfits you are attracted to or maybe a room you really like. Also maybe prints or colors. Think of what kind of style it is and write it down. In the end you can see what kind of styles you like and you can start.

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Find the things that you like.

2. Body shape: This one is for some of us a little bit embarrasing, because we don't usually look at our body in this kind of way. Go stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself. What kind of bodyparts do you like of yourself and what bodyparts don't you like? Do you like your waist or your legs? Maybe you like the shape of your butt, it is all possible. Try what kind of clothes go with your body. Do you like your legs, than maybe you can choose pants instead of a long dress or something like that. Just orientate what kind of clothes suit you and that you feel confident in.

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3. Refurnish your wardrobe: Take all your clothes, put them on your bed and go through them. Put only the things you really like back in your wardrobe. I know it is hard, because you feel like it is kind of a pity that you throw all those clothes away. But remember, that ugly t-shirt will probably make some other girl very happy and otherwise it will just hang there, because you will never wear it. After you put all your favourite clothes in your wardrobe you can start shopping in your style.

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4. Name it: This is some finishing touch. To really know your style, you need to name it. And I don't mean like punk or casual. But maybe country or koze. This way you are standing a little bit open for other styles, but during shopping you can pick the clothes that match the word. So if you have classic, you are only going to look for that kind of clothes.

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5. Create, forget and do it again: Don't think that you are going to stick with a style for the rest of your life. Stand open for other things and remember that it isn't wrong to have several styles. As long as you feel good in your outfit, it is your style and that is the most important thing right? So just keep trying and creating until you found your style.

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Try different styles.

This was all of it. I hope it was helpfull. You probably look already amazing, but this was just to get to know yourself better and comfort yourself in your daily life.

XXX, Olivia