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New adventures - the next flight

When we walked back to the hotel after watching the fireworks, our travel guides started to vibrate:

Hello travelers,
We hope you had a great stay at Disneyland. Now it is time for you to take your next flight. The plane will take off in three hours. So pack your things as fast as possible and head towards your next destination, which will be:
We hope you enjoy your trip and the Indian culture. The tickets for your flight and your hotel were already sent to your travel guide.

"OMG! I can't believe this! We are going to travel to India", screamed Piper and started jumping around. I was nearly as hyped as her, while Scott didn't seem to be very enthusiastic. But I didn't want to ask him, why he seemed so unpleased.
When we were back in the hotel, I have never packed my bags so fast, before we took the metro to the airport.
This time I was sitting next to Flynn, while Piper was sitting next to Scott and smiled as if she had won an oscar.
It felt really great to sit next to Flynn, so I put my head on his shoulder and he started cratching my leg lightly. I fell asleep and woke up three hours later. Flynn's head had fallen against the plane's window and he looked so cute, that I fished his camera out of his backpack and took some pictures.The noise of the camera woke him up and Flynn started stretching. "Hey beautiful. How did you sleep?" I blushed. He. Just. Called. Me. Beautiful! "Fine! Your shoulder has been very comfortable!" He smiled at me and went through his messy hair.

travel, love, and couple image

The rest of the flight, I was talking to Flynn, who told me everything about his passion of taking pictures and that he wanted to start earning money with it. He also showed me his blog, where he posted all his great shots:

Image removed photography, nature, and sky image bird, boat, and sea image beach, nature, and sea image boy image friends and adventure image Image removed horse, nature, and animal image

I was really impressed. That was the moment when I saw the photo of me, that he took at the airport. He gave it the title: " the beauty of Heathrow Airport" I was touched and my heart started beating faster. I scrolled down on his laptop, when I saw a file, which beared the name: "Things I would like to forget" I turned my head into Flynn's direction and asked: "What is this file about?" Flynn didn't answer immediately. "Well, it's about everything, that hurt me in the past and that I try to get out of my head." Also if I would love to see, what kind of pictures were part of this file, I could see that Flynn didn't like to talk about it, so I kept on scrolling.

The rest of the flight we watched a movie, before the flight attendant announced, that we would be landing in ten minutes.
The first thing that I realised when we landed was, that it wasn't as hot, as I have expected, but at the same time the humidity was really high. I really started sweating, wearing a sweater and sweat pants.
"Oh gosh, it's so hot here and the air... I am dying in these clothes", said Benyamin and started to fan himself with a magazine. Because all of us felt the same way, we decided to change our clothes, before we would go find our hotel.
I decided for the following outfit:

Image by corylewis718

I think I looked pretty cute and in my thoughts, I hoped, that Flynn would think that too. When we have all changed clothes, we walked outside the airport to find a taxi to go to our hotel.
"I don't think, that we should take a car. Look at the traffic. What do you think of taking a rickshaw", said Flynn, who was kind of sunk in his thoughts. "What is a rickshaw?", asked Scott, who seemed to be still annoyed. "Look to your left", answered Flynn and pointed at something, which wasn't that easy, because he had insisted on carrying my luggage too. On our left was standing a vehicle, that looked like a bicycle or moped with somekind of carriage behind it. "I think it would be a great adventure", I said enthusiastically and smiled at Flynn, who looked at me thankfully. So the decision was made and we payed two rickshaw drivers, who accepted, to bring us to our destiny.

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The trip was really pleasent. Everything seemed so colourful and animated. We left the city and stopped right infront of a gate. It was written down "Hotel Agra *****" Well, I didn't expect, that we would stay in a five stars hotel. We payed the drivers some extra money for the long way, before we opened the gate to go inside.
What I saw next, was amazing. I have never seen such a beautiful hotel in my life before.

indian ocean, clarins, and mahogany image

While the boys were checking us in, Piper and me checked out the leisure facilities of the hotel. In that moment a young man headed towards us. "May I offer you some Lassi?" "Oh that is very friendly. Thank you." He gave us two glasses of a drink, which seemed to be something like a smoothie. "Cheers", Piper raised her glass towards me. I tried the drink and was surprised. It tasted really delicious, but I have never drank something like this before.
"Girls...there has been some kind of booking mistake...", Benyamin scratched his neck. "What does that mean?" "Well, it means, that they can't find our reservation, but they promised, that they will give us different rooms now", explained Flynn.
That was the moment when the young man, who had offered the drinks to us, came back. "Dear guests, we are very sorry for the difficulties, but we have prepared a suite for all of you five." "Wait, does that mean, that we have to share our rooms with the girls?", asked Scott interested. What a perv! "Before you judge the hotel, let me guide you to your new room." And with these words he turned around and walked away. So we hurried to follow him.
When he opened the door, I was stunned. I have never seen such an elegant room before. "It's perfect!", I whispered. "Great. So I will leave you alone now. My name is Anil, so if you have any questions, come and find me." He closed the door behind hisself and left us alone.

Dubai, luxury, and places image

We walked around the suite and explored our new home for the next days. When we have distributed the rooms, we decided to go to have some dinner in the hotel's restaurant. Sitting around a table, we ordered all kind of different foods and drinks, to try everything. After half an hour the food was brought to our table and I felt how my mouth was watering.

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The food was so yummy and it seemed to become a perfect evening again. So I started smiling immediately.


Part is done! I hope you enjoyed it as much, as I enjoyed writing it.
-XOXO Jamie

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