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I've been on this beautiful platform and part of this wonderful community since August and I've been having an extraordinarily beautiful experience, so much more than I could have ever imagined. I'm not talking about how many followers I got (by the way, I take the chance to tell a big THANK YOU! to all of them), I'm talking about how much inspiration I found and keep finding here and how much I love reading Articles, writing and posting.

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So I'm realizing there are a few little things, that actually can make us so happy and positive towards life, things that only a Hearter like you and me can understand, things that only this amazing platform can make us live. In this Article I'd like to share with you the ones I've experienced so far, of course there many others more!


Motivational quotes and Articles
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I start my list with this point because I believe that We Heart It is a huge source of strength for us members of the community. It's amazing noticing how much we really support and try to help each other! You know, sometimes all we need is basically a smile, a kind word, a "You can do it" and We Heart It does exactly this.
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Tips and Help for... whatever you want!
Fashion or hair ideas? Books or movies recommendations? Pieces of advice to reach your goals or to succeed in life? You know you can find all of this here on We Heart It, and so much more! I love the idea of a place where I can find whatever I'm looking for in such an easy way.
Searching something on this platform is to me more like asking a friend for advice.
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Inspiration in every possible form
I often read in Articles or pics that We Heart It is a great source of inspiration and, you know what?, it's really like this. We couldn't even imagine it if we weren't a part of the community, how inspiring WHI can be, how much we can learn from each other, how many amazing creative ideas we can find here everyday!
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Being appreciated and followed for we are
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Everyone needs to feel appreciated and integrated in the society and that's exactly how We Heart It goes, no bullying, no offences, no discrimination.
We encourage each other to be ourselves, to accept and love our flaws cause they make us perfect and unique in our own way.
We follow each other and heart each other's posts to let each other know "hey, your image/Article is great, thank you for your post cause it made me happier/smile/laugh/think!"
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Becoming part of something bigger (and extraordinarily beautiful)
And here we are at the last, but absolutely not least, point. Yesterday I became a member of the wonderful #TheSmileProject, created by the lovely @writerforlife to spread love and joy. I'm so glad I'm a part of the team, because I think it's an amazing initiative and a good way to help concretely people living and feeling happier.


So that's it for today!
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