Disclaimer: Even though I have called this article A Bookworms Essentials, they are not necessarily essentials. By no means I am I saying that every book lover has to have these things, I just thought it would be fun to write an article on some of the bookish things that are available.

These items would make great gifts for book lovers or perhaps you will find something within this list that you want to get for yourself.

Anyway, without further ado, lets get on with the article!

Folding Book Light

➵ When I saw this, I thought it looked incredible! When folded it looks just like a journal but when you open it, it casts this beautiful 360 degrees LED light.

gifts, shopping, and led folding book lamp image
https://www.lightinthebox.com/usb-rechargeable-creative-wooden-foldable-foldable-pages-led-book-shape-portable-booklight_p5036241.html?prm= It can be brought from other places but this is the cheapest one I could find.

Fairy Lights

➵ There are of course cheaper alternatives to the folding book light, such as fairy lights.

book, light, and tea image Image by Ariana AriG

Book Scented Candles

➵ Having a lit candle by you while you are reading is extremely relaxing but what I did not realise was that you can actually get book scented candles!

autumn, fall, and candle image book, candle, and autumn image
I could not find any images of book scented candles, but here is where you can purchase them: https://www.etsy.com/uk/search?q=book+scented+candle

Hands Free Book Holder / Book Weight

➵ Whenever I get really into a book, I never want to put it down, I have to keep reading to the end. The only problem is my hands ache so much from holding my book for so long. A hands free book holder is perfect for this problem. You can also get book weights that hold the pages down for you!

book and read image


➵ There are so many beautiful and unique bookends available which is ideal for anyone wanting to keep their books tidy and together.

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Quirky Book Shelves

➵ Something beautiful to store your books on.

book, superman, and room image book and room image

Personalised Book Stamp

➵ Something cute to add that personal touch to your books.

bibliophile, books, and stamp image
There are so many different designs available, unfortunately I could not find many images of personalised book stamps.

Paperback Perfume

➵ I didn’t even know that this was a thing! Though it probably isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, I just had to include it.

chanel, candle, and magazine image chanel, book, and flowers image
I could not find any images of the paperback perfume on WHI but here is a link to where you can purchase it: https://demeterfragrance.com/paperback.html

Bookmark Dictionary

➵ Unfortunately, I could not find any images for this either but for those of you that do not know what the bookmark dictionary is, it is basically a small electronic dictionary that fits into your book so that you can look up any unknown words that you come across while reading.

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➵ A bookworm can never have too many bookmarks!

book, flower, and life image book, cat, and reading image book, movie, and quotes image bookmark, diy, and fun image

Book Posters

➵ There are literally so many different book posters you can get! They are so pretty and they really add to a bookworm’s room.

room, desk, and book image bands, music, and posters image

Book Related Pillows

➵ These pillows are so cute and it makes a reading corner much more comfortable and cosy.

bed, blanket, and book image Image by stressed, depressed, my idols obsessed

Book Related Mugs

➵ For those many teas, coffees, or hot chocolates you have while reading.

book, coffee, and happiness image christmas, book, and winter image coffee, study, and tea image book, cup, and coffee image


➵ Comfortable sweaters are perfect for a day spent reading.

girl, bed, and cozy image book, autumn, and fall image

Fuzzy Socks

➵ These go great with oversized sweaters and make for a cosy and comfortable day with a really good book.

book, winter, and cozy image book, coffee, and cozy image

That’s all for today! If you want a part 2, let me know and if you have any good book recommendations, my messages are always open. Thank you reading!

~Kαrα x


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