Hellooo people of the internet. Your girl is back with another article because why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (Two articels in a day, whoop!!)
This is still part of the nostalgia series so girls and boys, before I continue grab your box of tissues so we can all cry together about these shows.

1.) Lizzie McGuire

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Okay all I can say is GRL PWR!! , I loved this show so much, because Lizzie wasn't the stereotypical girl who liked makeup and all those unrealistic girly stuuf people think we like guys ( who is also tired of that)
She was actually a very strong character and this show was really great!

2.) Wizards Of Weaverly Place

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I wish they still made shows that were as good as these because Alex was my spirit animal, Nothing in this show ever got boring or childish like the shows they make these days. Things were stil original. This is probably one of my all time favourites on disney!

3.) The Suite Life On Deck

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Man who doesn't miss London, Bailey, Mr Mowsby, Cody and Zack. I remember having a crush on Cody because he was so nerdy and smart and cute lol ( I think I still kinda do)
I wish Disney still showed this show

4.) That's So Raven

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Man this show always used to crack me up, I remember my favourite episode was when she pretended to be her teacher after her parents wanted to see her teacher. It was so hilarous.

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5.) Drake And Josh

This is one of the most sweetest bromance shows I have ever watched. I loved how they used to tag team in situations like dealing with their little sister. Drake always used to act like he ddn't care about Josh but I love how he'd show it in the end. Totally had a lot of aww moments

6.) Corey In The House

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Am I the only one that was annoyed by America's angel. This was still a very funny show

7.) Hanna Montana

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This was a really cute show and I loved it so much. I loved it when she revealed to Oliver that she was hanna Montana and how he reacted. Good times, Good times cries in CAPITAL LETTERS

8.) Icarly

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Man I don't even know where to begin, I legit cried when I found out it was ending and also when I found out that Freddie didn't like Carly anymore, HE FREAKING LIKED SAM. MAN I AM STILL MAD AT THE SCRIPT WRITER TO THIS DAY!!

  • 9.) Zac And Luther*

10.) Goodluck Charlie

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I only watched this because of Teddy and Gabe. Gabe and the woman next door were my absolute favourite characters and I loved how Charlie grew in the series. Gabe even became a hottie too lol

11.) Phil of the future

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If this list was in any order this show would be in the top five because I loved it so so much. Man nostalgia just hit me so hard right now.

12.) The Jonas Brother

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I think I'm done, What were YOUR disney favourite?, I'd love to hear them:)
Thank you! Have a great day/night!
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