I love winter, you can do a lot of things that make you feel warm... like drink coffee, wear big coats, a pijama day and more. So that´s why I´m doing this article ;)

1.- Amélie

Image by IsthatQeti Gnn quotes, amelie, and life image amelie, amelie poulain, and movie image amelie, amelie poulain, and movie image
This is one of my favorite movies. It´s a work of art. Magic.

2.- La Belle Personne

love, quotes, and movie image louis garrel, La Belle Personne, and Lea Seydoux image La Belle Personne image quotes, sad, and people image
Ok, so this make me think that I don´t have to be afraid if I fall in love. I´m young and I must enjoy my life.

3.- The Perks of being a Wallflower

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I´ve been through very similar things. It really touch my heart. Best soundtrack ever.

4.- The Fight Club

fight club, movie, and edward norton image actor, birthday, and book image fight club, brad pitt, and edward norton image fight club, freedom, and movie image
Just one thing... boom!

5.- The Notebook

love, the notebook, and movie image the notebook, love, and rachel mcadams image allie, diariodeunapasion, and noah image love, the notebook, and dance image
If you didn´t cry with this movie, fucking hell your heart is literally ice.

6.- Heathers (movie)

quotes, grunge, and Heathers image Heathers, 80s, and 90s image Heathers, suicide, and quotes image Heathers, grunge, and couple image
JD, I freaking love you, even if you are a psychotic.

Should I do a second part of this article?
This is it. I hope you enjoy this movies with a bowl of popcorn and a bottle of vodka.